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Do not forget to mention in Down syndrome research paper that it is not necessary for each cell to have an extra chromosome though. In some cases only few cells carry extra chromosome. But in almost all cases this syndrome is likely to effect normal mental growth. Therefore, almost all the patients of Down syndrome are mentally retarded. They may face heart, intestinal and growth problems.

How Can Write Best Down Syndrome Research Papers There is a little difference between a disease ...

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Down syndrome, which is also called trisomy 21, is rather a common chromosomal disorder. The syndrome was first described by John Langdon Down in 1866. March 21, 2006 became the first World Down Syndrome Day.

So, you are about to start writing a Down syndrome research paper. We suppose that you do not really want to go deep into genetics and write about karyotypes, meiotic nondisjunction, and so on.

Then what should you focus on when writing your Down syndrome research paper? Actually, everything is not that difficult as it seems at a glance. Your Down syndrome research paper can be devoted to less sophisticated things and still be interesting and informative.

This is a possible plan that you may use to prepare your Down syndrome research paper.

Point 1
In the introduction of your Down syndrome research paper, explain the causes of the disorder. Women who decide to give birth to a child after 30-35 risk to have a baby with Down syndrome.

Point 2
Describe in your Down syndrome research paper the main characteristics of a person who has Down syndrome, starting from some peculiarities in appearance to other health problems like a heart disease, risks to have Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Point 3
Tell in your Down syndrome research paper about different ways of improving the quality of life for people with this disorder. Describe some specific education programs for children.

Do you have enough time for preparing your Down syndrome research paper and want to make it more impressive? Then try to interview parents or caregivers of children with Down syndrome. Real life stories will make Down syndrome research papers more convincing and captivating to read.

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