How to Develop a Research Paper Timeline

Purpose of visit: Work with WSPC affiliated faculty on understanding California's water management system and developing several research papers. These papers address policy interventions and tradeoff between efficiency and equity issues in rural China. Application incorporates concepts of conjunctive use, transaction costs, and sustainable watershed management.

There are a number of tips one should consider while developing a strong research paper thesis.

A student should consider current matters that affect society while developing a research paper thesis. It helps them produce relevant work that people can relate to.

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Although direct quotations should be used sparingly, they serve an important purpose in developing a research paper.

Most of the research papers require the students to follow APA format. In order to get an idea on developing a research paper as per APA format, one needs to refer to a sample research paper which may give them insights into preparing their own research paper for their academic commitments. There are plenty of resources available online where you can find a multitude of research papers submitted by different students for their academic engagements. Finding a sample research paper may not be difficult if you have already chosen a topic for research. In the process of collecting the background information for the research topic, you may skim through available resources online and while doing so, you may also come across many sample research papers, which are formatted as per APA style and guidelines. For getting an idea on the use of APA style in your research paper, you may make use of following resources to find sample research papers in APA format: