Research Databases and Other Online Tools - ASHA

Although you might think you have considerable experience searching online databases for research papers and other resources, you may be surprised to learn that, often, there are more efficient ways to conduct these searches.

Some students said they do not like relying on digital databases for research papers and projects

If you were interested in accessing the campus libraries at UCLA and UCI, stop by the office to pick up a form. Depending on the school, you have different access to databases for research papers and other resources, at your disposal. Simply put, with the form, you can head over to the campus and get a library card to use for school assignments.

Online Databases - use for free at the National Archives

Article Indexes and Databases for research papers- look them up from home, too

This student is at home in the library. Knows(online or otherwise) databases for research papers and books, tracksreferences, and builds a base of them for later use. For example, asthe research group is writing a paper about a process that theybelieve is new, this person will come up with an obscure 1971 paperthat introduces the same process, having tracked that throughreferences of references of references. If the project group is notquite sure how to solve that complex differential equation, s/hefinds which diff equations book has a section on similar equations,or might even remember reading the section heading in that particularbook.