1 long (10-15 pages) critical research paper/WWW project

A critical research paper is related to both the argumentative and analytical types but slightly different. It has an introduction that the research paper writer uses to state their stand on an argument. After that they support their argument with solid points in the body part of the research paper. It is like a journey, where the research paper writer takes the reader through their position, giving evidence, explanations and examples. The conclusion is a recap of everything, giving the reasons and consequences of the line of thought the research paper takes.

critical research paper/WWW project @ 50%

a) Your primary task in this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of feminist film theory/criticism and your sensitivity to visual and aural techniques as they relate to the film's overall form and meaning. You must demonstrate your mastery of the material by thoroughly employing the terms we've learned in relation to the theories/criticism we have studied. The film is your primary text; the readings should inform your thoughts about the film, but they should not be the endpoint of your paper. This is theoretical/critical research paper, not a report about what others think of the film. You should use your own brain to think about the film and the readings; start by considering whether you agree or disagree with their arguments as they relate to the film, and proceed from there. Then formulate your own thoughts and interpretations for the film, and write about them.

W 5/31 Presentations/Critical Research Papers Due

How To Write Critical Research Paper | Writing Tips

A critical research paper is an important part of your academic studies but it does have some explicit requirements. These requirements are universal and your teacher or tutor will tell you about them. It therefore makes a lot of sense to attend to these specific requirements as a foundation for your critical research paper. These two basic requirements are as follows.