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Fourth grade language arts focus on six areas: reading, language, writing, speaking, listening, and spelling. Three novel studies, classical short stories from the different genres of literature, and other reading activities allow for variety in fourth grade reading. Students are challenged as they read together such classics as The Cricket in Time Square and The Lion, the Witch. and the Wardrobe. Context clues, main idea, details, sequencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary development, and following directions are the comprehension skills most emphasized in fourth grade reading. In language, students have consistent practice in identifying parts of speech. Correct punctuation and spelling is stressed through the writing process and a variety of formal and informal assignments such as writing letters, poetry, stories, and reports. Students learn the basics of research as they plan, organize and write a country research paper. Open Court Reading Curriculum, A Reason for Spelling, Bob Jones English: Writing and Grammar, D’Nealian Handwriting Curriculum, SRA Reading Lab, and other quality literature are used as the major resources.

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Experience in Management industry. Objective: I believe in sincere and straightforward professional attitude; Smart work is a virtue. I want to groom myself with strategic thinking and meanwhile contribute individually or as a team to the organization in anyway expected of me, to polish leadership qualities and observe firm dedication.

Masters In Defence And Diplomatic Studies degree. Coursework: Papers on / -indo-israel axis a threat to pakistan’s security / -the impact of “war on terrorism” on pakistan’s economy / -the concept of limited war with special reference to pakistan / -expanded role of pakistan army in national development / regional research paper on north america / -country research paper on taiwan / -taiwan’s democratic transition in effect with china / -globalism vs. regionalism: perspective of international law / -terrorism nature and cause: case study of sialkot terrorist attacks and russian school siege / -public diplomacy strategy of british embassy in pakistan


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