controversial research paper topics

Writing a research paper, as the name implies, requires research. The problem you, as a student will face is how much research is enough research? If you choose controversial research paper topics which by nature are vast, you're making a rod for your own back. By all means choose a contemporary topic such as obesity or climate change or refugees. But find a single aspect of it otherwise you’ll drown in a sea of information. The expression ‘too much information’ springs to mind in this case.

Controversial Research Paper Topics: List of Controversial Issues

Controversial research paper topics are topics which will not only require you to argue, but to convincingly state what you uphold and in an affirmative manner, to enlist the trust and confidence of your readers and think and consider what your audience think and feel about your topic. Therefore, you should begin answering controversial research paper topics by finding issues of controversy that are not only interesting to you, but equally of great interest to your readers. There are so many avenues to seek for controversial issues.

Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial research paper topics makes for interesting research paper topics

Now as you can see this is a broad list of so-called controversial research paper topics. But it is by no means exhaustive. So finding controversial topics is not difficult. What could be helpful to you though is to find a controversial topic which has not been written about a vast number of times.

should be decided with a consideration of the audience. Although the nature of your topic should be controversial, your audience may not find it worth debating on. Your topic should be established for a supportive audience, a wavering audience and a hostile audience. A very good controversial research paper topic should blend in two or more of such purposes. Remember that your aim in a controversial write-up is not to show that you can triumph over your readers through argument. Your aim is to create goodwill through using argument to convince them and to give in room for their own viewpoints. Go ahead and for a research paper, essay or