Identifying the Components of a Research Paper

The is the first and rather important component of a research paper. It establishes the broad idea of concern that the paper covers. It sheds light on the assumptions made by the author and states whether they are true or false according to the research conducted. In a research paper, it is always better to write in third person. Even if the writer wants to refer to himself, he will write it as the “the writer said…” and not “I said…” Also, slang terms must be avoided. Otherwise, it will not make a good impression on the readers as what we are writing is a formal paper. Try to make the paper as interesting as possible.

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Components of Research Papers

We are not really aware of the parts until we can read the components of a research paper. Usually, students have the impression that a research paper is simply an article like an essay. However there are some high level research papers that need to have certain academically recognized chapters. Let me give you the basic components of a research paper to help you in writing.

The body of the research paper is another major component of the research paper. This is the section that carries your arguments and evidence to support your topic. The body of the research paper should be followed by the research paper conclusion. The conclusion refers to the one or more paragraphs that bring about an end to the research paper. The introduction should be effective so as to give the audience a sense of finality. The conclusion is often used as a forum to restate your position and to finally let your readers have a thought about your position. There are so many ways of concluding your research paper. This may be through a summary of the main ideas in your research paper, envisaging an effect or putting forth a proposal.All in all research paper is a long complex process of assumption making, investigation, analyzing, finding and concluding. The most complex of all components of research paper is experimental part or primary research which involves tests, interviews or other methods of quantitative and qualitative research which helps to find out required data for analysis.