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There's nothing necessarily wrong with simply citing a research paper without further commentary. But generally, you can tell if someone is citation bluffing when they list long string of citations without giving any quotes from the papers or any meaningful description of what the papers found.

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You may present your research paper formatted in a number of ways. The usual formats used for academic essays and research synthesis essays are the (American Psychological Association) format, the (Modern Language Association), and format. Each of these conventions for research paper structure have their own guidelines on how to cite a research paper. Very often, the Harvard style of citation may be used for articles which make use of several separate pages of a resource book. The method of writing a research paper is not that complicated. Although there might be many students who dread these types of assignments, if you need to know how to cite a research paper you will find all the tips you need right here. Once you have done this a few times it will get easier. University and college classes are all about learning and applying what you have learned in the future. This means that the formats, writing, researching, and other things you might not like very much or be good at, will become almost second nature to you. In time, many students come to appreciate the simplicity and functionality of these rules and the way that they have to work in regards to a research paper.