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Once you have chosen a topic, you then begin to gather research and other sources that help to reinforce your argument. Once you have your research materials, you need to figure out how you would like to organize and present your arguments in a manner that will yield the strongest possible. It is best to organize your thoughts and research into a chronological list, where simple ideas build onto more complex ones. Therefore, your outline will start with your basic argument, and build on that argument by adding more detail, complexity, and information as the paper proceeds. You lay out the order in which you want to give your arguments or present your facts, and ensure that outline ends with a summary and reiteration of the main “point” of your child abuse research paper. This then makes it a lot easier to go point-by-point when writing your essay and helps to ensure that you leave nothing out.

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Strong Child Abuse Research Paper Topics

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Child Abuse Research Papers: Methodology

You should point out which research methods you are going to choose. If you plan to focus on numbers in your child abuse research paper, you will have to choose on quantitative research methods. Otherwise, if you want to study causes, types, psychological aspects etc, you will need qualitative methods for your research.

Do not forget to explain why you consider the methods that you have chosen the most appropriate for your child abuse research paper.

Child Abuse Research Papers: Information Sources

It is considered that the most helpful sources of information for research paper writing are books and journal articles. Indeed, you will find many books and articles that provide research results, explain statistics, describe cases from real life and even disclose lies about child abuse that exist in the society.

However, in case of child abuse research papers, the Internet can be also very useful for you. There are reliable sites that provide statistics on child abuse in different countries. Besides, it will be helpful for you to attend websites of organizations taking effort against child abuse.