Suggested Topics for Your Chemistry Research Paper

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is a chemistry research paper something specific? Is it different from any other research paper?

This guide describes some of the most useful databases for finding chemistry research papers. They vary from each other in which journals they index, which issues they index (coverage tends to be better for more recent dates), whether they include the full-text of articles, and what indexing information they include (some assign subject terms to each article, making it easier to find articles on a subject). Because of these differences, a thorough search will use several different databases.

Interesting topic for a Chemistry research paper

Since 1960, the number of chemistry research papers in print increased nearly sixfold.

About five years ago, while combing past chemistry research papers, he read about the pigment and its potential to treat malaria. One paper was published in 1967 in the journal Nature and another appeared in 1975 in the Journal of Antibiotics.