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Today an extensive Bioinformatics Network, covering 120 institutions, spread geographically all over the country, has been established. The Network is creating human resource in Bioinformatics and carrying out research in different areas of Bioinformatics. Scientists of this network have published more than 1000 bioinformatics research papers in peer reviewed journals in last five years and helped in publishing more than 3000 research papers in biology/biotechnology. The network has also helped directly or indirectly several Bioinformatics companies in India. The scientists from the network have participated in major national millennium technology initiative projects of CSIR such as Biosuite of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) or software packages for visualization of bioinformatics data by Strand Genomics. The BTISnet is the first network which established BioGrid India of large bandwidth and high speed connectivity among various institutions in the country and also high performance national computing facility. Thus, this unique network has showed that India can work in network consortium mode.

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What are some good bioinformatics research papers published within last 5 years, and having at least 8 pages? Better if they are on NGS technologies. Almost all the bioinformatics research papers I went through have no "Related Work" section. Why is that?

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What are some good bioinformatics research papers published within last 5 years, and having at le..

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