Argument in Research Papers and Other Essays

If you have to successfully provide plausible answers to argumentative research paper topics, you will begin by having a complete understanding of who your readers are. Keep in mind that when you argue through writing, your ideas have an impact on the emotions of your readers. Every reader will not think and act in the same way. Therefore, you will not only have to argue, but your will equally be committed to persuading your readers. There is no way to argue without persuading. An argumentative topic will also take you into so many other fields of writing. Therefore, you should be prepared to counter the hurdles faced by other types of writing situations. For example, to argue and convince your readers, you may have to carry out some form of analysis, some evaluation, some compare and contrast and a lot more.

A review of the six paragraphs needed to write an argumentative research paper.

Writing an argumentative research paper begins with a clear and concise introductory paragraph that introduces your topic, puts your paper in context with current research on the topic, establishes the importance of the topic and culminates with a one-sentence thesis statement. The argumentative research paper then proceeds with at least three paragraphs forming the body of the paper. To provide clarity to the reader, each paragraph should consider a single issue in direct support of the thesis statement. Appropriate transitions between paragraphs also will improve the quality of your paper.

outline for argumentative research paper on marijuana

Following can be good guidelines for your Argumentative research paper–

Argumentative research paper is a way of demonstrating your logical thinking process and making the readers understand and even believe your stance. It is not about solving any problems like an or describing event or objects like a , it is a way of taking up an issue that is widely debated and controversial like or and persuading others of your viewpoint.