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Virtual Reality in Architecture Research Paper Sample What does virtual reality actually mean? Virtual Reality can be broadly said to be synthetic stimulation. Contrary to the popular belief propagated by most media VR extends far beyond the bounds of 3D computer generated environments. The concept is much wider, stretching from it’s most primitive form, the…

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Writing architecture research paper is quite an interesting and typical task. History of architecture is as old as that of human civilization. A civilization can be recognized by some of the unique features of its architecture. So, one must have a good deal of knowledge about history for writing an Architecture research paper. Architecture is truly associated with beauty, proportion and geometry. All these aspects are often reflected in the architecture of a specific nation or an era. A lot of architectural monuments have had bewildering effects upon us. For example, seven wonders of the ancient world. Some of the nations as well as countries had peculiar architectural styles that were very difficult to imitate, for example that of Mayan style. Therefore, it can be said that it is not too easy to on architecture.