An argumentative essay clearly describes two opposing sides of a debate without the writer picking a side or trying to convince the reader to. An argumentative research paper oes a step further in that it requires the researcher to look through academic sources for information that supports everything that gets included in the paper. The results may point to one side being correct rather than another but the intention is not to persuade, just to inform. In your search for a good topic you should look at the following sources:

A review of the six paragraphs needed to write an argumentative research paper.

An argumentative research paper is a common assignment many higher education students are required to complete. The main idea of this type of research paper is to clearly argue a point. You may have a side in which you feel strongly about but it may not be the time to actually express your point of view. You are indeed providing solid evidence that point to the argument. It helps to plan ahead and select a good topic that poses a good argument to write to produce a successful paper.

Help with Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

These are just a few of the most important guidelines for writing an argumentative research paper.

In either case, your paper should present your thoughts and ideas about a subject, supported by the knowledge and opinions of experts in the field. And remember: Just because something is in print or on the Internet, it is not necessarily “the Truth.” Whether you are writing an analytical or an argumentative research paper, you should think critically, not only about the subject, but also about the sources you find. Analyze your sources by evaluating their authority, credibility, accuracy, and objectivity.