American Literature Research Paper Topics

Based on the traditional as well as the modern, this course includes four genres of American literature: short story, poetry, novel and drama, as well as a chronological overview of American literature. Much of the class will be devoted to student-generated discussion of whole works of literature in the belief that students who can talk analytically about a piece of literature can write about it in the same way. Summer readings are required. The students will write an American literature research paper as well as several types of expository essays on the works they have read. Speech, grammar, and vocabulary are also important parts of the curriculum. Students will be able to proceed to in senior year. The College Admissions essay is also addressed. Department approval, based on teacher recommendation, placement test and at least an average of 93% in English 2H

11th Grade American Literature Research Paper

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American Literature Research Paper

In Search of New American Literature Research Paper Topics

When you are asked to write an American literature research paper, the hardest part is to pick your topic. There are some great topics that you can do your research paper on and you should pick one that a topic on something that you have already read and something that you know that you can look deeper into. The good thing about doing an American literature research paper is that you can explore. Exploring different authors, books, and other things that have to do with American literature is a great way to come up with your topic.