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Perhaps that’s why Striker refers to Roosevelt as “my favorite president.” Striker opened up his media on Tuesday by informing everyone about his research paper on, you guessed it, Franklin Roosevelt.

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Parenthetical citation is the name for an effective mechanism of referring to some other’s work in you text. This is a real effective mechanism because when added in research paper you can make it more good, and so many people do it on their works. As copying from other work is a crime and uniqueness is a quality protocol for research paper proper citation is needed when we refer to other’s work. Citation is nothing like what we can do simply, there are lot of guidelines to be followed. When we effectively use citation by following all guidelines, it can give you a rich content and high quality research paper. Here are 10 main things you should know about research paper citation rules:

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Results: A total of 130 forms (n=130) were administered and evaluated. Results reveal that 69.23% of the medical teaching staff members take scientific paper with its true essence while 30.76% consider it as a way to survive in the profession. Also that the most common inappropriate methods practiced in research paper writing includes false data(7.69%) , duplication of data (18.46%), data collected without the consent of institution (48.46%), honorary authorship(84.61%) .63.07% were aware of the bioethical crime one commits while practicing any of the above mentioned inappropriate methods whereas 36.92% do not consider them as important to be placed under the heading of ethics. 82.3% of faculty members think that students should be introduced about research paper while they are studying and interestingly 17.69 % believe that this area should be explored by the students themselves and left untouched.