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Finding the sample research paper is also its own challenge. Keep in mind the kind of paper you are looking for, but at least adding MLA to your search terms will help you find essays in the format that you are looking for. Just use the major search engines, and consider using some scholarly databases as well. With luck, you will quickly find several sample essays with the requirements that you are looking for. Just keep refining your search and use the first several pages of results. you will find a sample research paper in no time!

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Since there are many different topics, we realize that a sample of research paper for one topic may not be suitable for another field. Consider that research paper samples on a psychology topic won't give you much perspective on how an author will develop ideas for a paper on art history. At the very least, as you study research papers online, you should always try to find ones that match your field of study and the academic course level as closely as possible.