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Note: This James J. Hill biography was written in 1996as a 9th grade research paper. Since it was published online,the biography has been viewed by more than 200,000! This documentmay be linked to or cited in original research, but may notbe copied, edited, rebpublished, or distributed in any form.

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Just read the President’s part 2 statement. She quoted two bad arguments, among thousands of intelligent and strong arguments made in recent days, and used a shady, right wing “national labor report” website to make her case (using a random, left wing blog would have been just as weak of a source). Any high school teacher would question that website’s use as a legitimate internet source on a 9th grade research paper.

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Parents of freshmen should also be reminded that the 9th grade research paper is small-4 paragraphs-that's it. However, the assignment is unlike other research papers they have completed before since they must not only just present evidence, but analyze it in context. They probably do not even know what that means. We are working on that. It's slow. Very slow. EXTRA slow, to carry the motif forward.