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Additional writing assignments, such as learning agreements, journals and essays, are included at the option of individual instructors. Library instruction is a required element of this course.

PBJ 401
Aims to enhance students ability to integrate justice-related concepts and facts while refining their research, writing and oral presentation skills. It provides an opportunity for public justice majors to draw together the various themes and strands of their learning experience in public justice and re-examine them in light of their cumulative educational and practical experience through a class presentation and an independent research project of their choice.

**Mandated writing assignments consist of a 15-20 page research paper on a public justice topic of the student's choice and a minimum of six reaction papers responding to class presentations. This paper requires:

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Try this on your newest page of your website. Write 300-400 words (again this isn't your 20 page research paper) about your topic for the page. No more, no less. You'll be amazed at how quickly you cover the topic and wish you had more room to type. However, if you keep it to under 400 words, you will dramatically increase the chances of the information being read instead of skipped over.

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