10-15 page research paper on History of Capital Punishment

: Write a 10-15 page research paper which incorporatesthe edited material from the earlier three essays. This final paper isdue by 4pm on Friday 11 December.

Political Science 3835 |  12-15 page research paper with peer response and revision

It doesn't matter to me what I do my research paper on because I always become interested in whatever I research, unless it's confusing, I like animals, math, science, etc. Please give me a topic that I could get alot of information for a 15 page research paper.

Does this question match the scope of our 10-15 page research paper

I am a freshman in college and have to write a 10-15 page research paper on anything I want

I have compiled this paper writing process in full detail in my step-by-step guide, The One Day Paper. It is designed to be open on your desktop while you write, giving you detailed instructions for every component of the standard 10-15 page college research paper, from start to finish.