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There will be knights and princesses, there will be seminal literary criticism regarding these works (which you may or may not agree with), and there will be three major writing assignments and one group research project (designed to ease your workload and certainly not to add any interpersonal stress to your life): An 8-10 page essay, a 10-12 page research paper engaging with specific literary critics regarding one or two works that you have read, and a 5-page article written to a student audience. The group research project will comprise a 6-page annotated bibliography and group presentation of a single article from your research.

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Students are expected to attend and participate in every class. All reading is to be completed before the class for which it is assigned. Written work for the class will include brief responses to the week's readings (1-2 pages), 2 short analytical papers, and a 10-12 page research paper. Grading for the course will be as follows: class participation and response papers 30%; short papers 20% each; research paper 30%.

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* Signed faculty agreement form
* Submit a 10-12 page research paper
*Submit an abstract or proposal for conference or symposium presentation based on the research paper

* Proof of completion of at least 100 hours of unpaid internship work,
* Submit a monthly log signed by your supervisor to attest to this fact,
*Submit a 10-12 page research paper on the organization’s business model, target audience, and local/global impact.